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Apple AirPods: A wireless cord-free experience

Airpods work with Apple Watch


The technology is moving at a tremendous pace. The invention of the mobile phones is the greatest revolution in recent times. Connectivity between people has increased to a tremendous extent. The mobiles of today are no less than a computer. You can use it for a variety of purposes. There have been numerous inventions in this sector, each of them making it easier for the Man to connect with people. The Apple AirPods is the latest among such wonderful contraptions.

Apple AirPods: An overview of all specs

The mobile phone has become as common as the handkerchief today. People might forget to carry the handkerchief, but not their mobiles with them wherever they go. An overwhelming majority of people listen to music and converse as well using the earphones. After the battery, the earphones are the most important accessory people get when they buy a mobile handset. However, the earphones have wires all over the place. You have to connect the earphones to the mobile in order to use the same.

There was always a danger of the wires entangling at the wrong place and causing discomfort. Hence, there is a need for an invention whereby you can do away with the wires. The Bluetooth headset was one such invention in the field. These Apple AirPods are a definite improvement on these Bluetooth headsets.

The Important features of the AirPods:

These AirPods are compatible with all kinds of Apple devices such as the iPhone 7, iMac, and the Apple watch as well. These wireless earphones can connect automatically to the phone when you place them inside your ears. The sensors can sense this feeling. You get an amazing experience listening to the music from your favorite Apple devices.

Any talk about an Apple product without referring to Siri would be incomplete. These AirPods allow you to converse freely with Siri without having to remove the phone from your pocket and tapping it. Hence, making calls, changing music tracks, and all other things that Siri does would become easier.

These AirPods come with a long lasting battery life of about five hours on a single charge. You have the advantage of having a battery charging case as well that could enable you to charge these AirPods for a maximum of twenty-four hours. You can use the services of Siri to know about the residual battery life at anytime.

Making and receiving calls over this device is easy. The introduction of the voice accelerator enables you to speak and listen clearly. It filters out any external sound and this allows for clear transmission.

The optical sensors present inside the AirPods can control the audio automatically while you use the microphone. The greatest advantage of these AirPods is that it allows two people in different rooms to use them independently.


Every item in the world has its disadvantages. This wonderful invention has one as well. The absence of the wires is an advantage for you in many ways. It is also a disadvantage, as you can lose these AirPods easily. They would not fall as such from your ears. However, as they are small devices, you can misplace them and likely the AirPods will come with a Find my AirPods function.


This is a beautiful invention designed for the benefit of humankind.


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